Every feature is measurable, making it an incredibly powerful tool for use in insurance claims and lettings inventories  as well as tools for construction, archaeology and engineering.

Immerse a little deeper into our tours and step into a virtual world using Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear.

Immerse a little deeper using Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear.

Step directly from Google Maps into your virtual space.  (Non-residential spaces only)

We supply embed codes and URLS for easy integration on websites and social media.

Demos can be supplied in advance.

Bird's-eye and doll's house views for transforming spaces and new perspectives.

High resolution images can be downloaded from any angle within your building. A useful tool for inventories/record keeping.

Embed your videos, sound, text, images, maps for an interactive journey.

360 photos for social sharing available for every room.

Our fly-through videos enable audiences to sit back and passively explore your inside space. 

Supplied as MP4s and short GIFs.


“The Virtual Viewer team are really great to work with and are sensitive to the needs and issues of a historic site.” 


—  Janine Mariot, Public Engagement Manager 

Arnos Vale cemetry trust

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