Top 10 digital marketing tips you need to know for 2018

1. If a picture paints a thousand words, a one-minute video paints 1.8 million!

By 2021, video traffic will make up 82% of all consumer Internet traffic, according to research by Cisco. But remember to make a damn good intro as 20% of the people who start your video will leave after the first 10 seconds according to YouTube!

2. Invest in content developers

This year will be all about creating a content that is creative, memorable and unique. How will your content stand out and be dynamic? Think about opportunities to make your site personalised and interactive where you can - there lots of stats to show that personalised calls to action are much more effective than generic ones.

3. Get the best visibility with Native Ads

Native advertising has become a very popular marketing method. Native ads are non-disruptive and blend into the native website environment - gone are the days of irritating pop ups! Native advertising offers benefits on both sides. Consumers get to naturally enjoy high-value content, and advertisers have a chance to target and engage with their most likely buyers. Find out more about it here from Adweek .

4. 3D/Augmented reality is rapidly taking centre stage.

Virtual Viewer says more companies are seeking to differentiate themselves and customers are demanding interactive experiences. Whether it’s buying a house, narrowing down a list of wedding venues, picking a holiday cottage, or buying a new sofa - consumers want the maximum information upfront before they give up their precious time to go and pay a visit. Also, they want their shopping experiences to be fun. Why view a new sofa in 2D when you can view it in 3D… inside a real house?!

5. Raise a team of Influencers

This is THE big marketing trend of 2018! Positive word of mouth and equipping an army of customers to spread the good word for you, creates a snowball effect. Studies have shown that consumers are 83% more likely to convert if they have come to you from a referral source. This can be a relatively cost-effective method of marketing. The trick is motivating your customer to spread the word. It’s been predicted that there will be a big fall in big celebs endorsing products as new niche-influencers emerge e (Z-list celebs, bloggers etc). Dazzle Media shows how to build your influencer media strategy.

6. Invest in professional photography

Images can help sell your business and beautiful, professionally shot ones can sell a lifestyle, dream or aspiration - enabling an emotional connection between your customer and your offering. Photographer, George Chan tells us that images rank well in search engines. His top tip is to label your images with good descriptive text (not photo.jpg etc) and captions - this will help your images show up in search results.

7. Choose your social media channels carefully

Twitter may fall while LinkedIn may rises. Twitter has failed to significantly grow its user base in 2017. Marketers are investing in other platforms to reach their audiences and LinkedIn has made a number of improvements to its advertising platform in 2017 and presented a refreshed user interface, offering new opportunities for B2B and B2C brands.

8. Get GDPR ready!

The new European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will redefine what online privacy means for all organisations, as they’re faced with requests (and requirements) for the permanent erasure of customer information and restrictions about how prospect data is collected and used for marketing initiatives. ITPRO explains how to get to grips with GDPR.

9. As voice search grows, use more long-tail keywords

Long-tail keywords are longer and more specific keyword phrases that visitors are more likely to use when they’re closer to a point-of-purchase or when they're using voice search. They’re a little bit counter-intuitive, at first, but they can be hugely valuable if you know how to use them. Wordstream explains more.

10. If you are a local business, Optimise your Google+ Local and Yelp pages

Add your business name, phone number, location in Google+Local to make the details show up in Google Maps and Google’s local search results. Much like Google+ Local, Yelp is platform to complete and post information about your business. More importantly, it helps feed Apple Maps with local business results.

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